Participate in a fun traditional education of blacksmith craft demonstration in “Every blacksmith of its own happiness.”
During education you’ll be currently acquainted with the traditional blacksmith craft; you will have the opportunity to test the working process.
Charismatic blacksmith Juozas will present blacksmith craft in a witty talk. He’ll tell you different stories, proverbs, tutorials related to blacksmithing in Lithuanian folklore. There will be some practical work process of blacksmith demonstration, you will use: ancient blacksmith leather bellows, forge, other blacksmith’s equipments. You can practically work with hammer and helping by blacksmith to try to forge a simple souvenir, e.g., a nail, a horseshoe or a happy candy.
Heat and positive emotions that will be here are more than enough!


Duration: 1 hour;
Price: 40 €/1 per group;
Season: whole year;
Place: situated at a distance of 5-25 km from Druskininkai (this service is available in your local place);
The program needs translation: from lithuanian language to english language (the price 15 Eur/hour)


* Booking in advance is necessary;
* We can provide transport services