Lithuanian Traditions and Food. Cultural program



Year-round Lithuanian ‘cultural experience’ event.



We offer you a program include some Dzūkija’s fun and you will not notice how fast the time has passed. During the evening you will be entertained by two Dzūkians – Mom and Sonny. Because she needs to find a wife for her son. In the evening you will not only try Dzūkian food, familiarize with our traditions, but also you will learn some songs’ lyrics and dances of Dzūkija.

In the program you are waiting for:
* Real groom with his mother;
* Verification of a customs officer and the doctor’s vaccination;
* Musicians;
* Games, songs and dances;
* Dzūkija food (rustic dishes, snacks, soft drinks);

Duration: 3 hours

  • 17,50 €/1 person (no less than 50 people in a group)
  • 19,50 €/1 person (no less than 40 people in a group)
  • 23,50 €/1 person (no less than 30 people in a group)
  • 32,00 €/1 person (no less than 20 people in a group)

Season: whole year
Place: situated at a distance of 5 km from Druskininkai (or at your own place)
The program needs translation: from lithuanian or rusian language to english language (the price 15 Eur/hour)

*The minimum number of people in the group – 40 people.
* Booking in advance is necessary;
* We can provide transportation services.


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