Ceramic education


This is educational program of ethnic cultural heritage, folk traditions and promoting the preservation of clay pottery. During this education, ceramicist will tell about this craft, materials, and tools; furthermore, a process of making a clay-boy will be presents, ignition and glazing. You’ll create your own handmade clay work; find some work with clay technology.
Guess and learn the secrets of ceramics.


Duration: 1 hour;
Price: 4 €/1 person;
Season: all whole year;
Place: situated at a distance of 5-12 km from Druskininkai (this service is available in your local place);
The program needs translation: from lithuanian language to english language (the price 15 Eur/hour).


*The minimum number of people in the group – 10 people;
* Booking in advance is necessary;
* We can provide transport services..