Heartwarming Education

You are going a few kilometers from Druskininkai where you will get acquainted with hydrolats. You’ll try out a variety of natural scents’ power and among them only you’ll smell typical plants’ exclusivity in Dzūkija. You will feel the difference between the synthetical and natural fragrance, you’ll find work process of hydrolats and distillation. You will learn how to produce hydrolats, for example, soothing, relieving joint pain, cooling, cough or cold, stimulating hair growing or oil suitable for your skin.
Lots of wonderful smell of knowledge there!
You also will taste hydrolats and will see practical test of the distillation process.

Duration: 1,5 hours
Price: special price 5 €/1 person (instead of 10 €);
Season: whole year
Place: situated at a distance of 10 km from Druskininkai (This service is available in your local place)
The program needs translation: from lithuanian or rusian language to english language (the price 15 Eur/hour)

*The minimum number of people in the group – 15 people.
* Booking in advance is necessary;
* We can provide transport services.