Everyone is an artist, but only an artist understands this“(Oscar Wilde)

During this program every participant will be able to ascertain what a great artist he is.
This is an inspiring education where you will experience, create, and enjoy the creative process. Each participant will get an opportunity to create a cozy thumbnail deed for the frame. A talented young artist will help to choose the frame and does create a small masterpiece in a special “Tap tap” way.

There is an opportunity to create a frame and take it home after the educational lesson.

Duration: 1, 5 hours;
Price: 5 €/1 person;
Season: whole year;
Place: situated at a distance of 5 km from Druskininkai (This service is available in your local place);
The program needs translation: from lithuanian, rusian language to english language (the price 15 Eur/hour)

*The minimum number of people in the group – 10 people.
* Booking in advance is necessary;
* We can provide transport services.